Integrating IoT into holistic solutions

Integrating IoT into holistic solutions

Accelerating change and Smart Everything create increasingly complex requirements for enterprises, organisations and developers who support the implementation of IoT systems and smart apps. Customers want quick and cost effective smart solutions supported by cost-effective maintenance and upgrading. System designers, integrators and construction project developers need instruments to address growing complexity of both initial solution and its follow up support. While there are many of such development environments, its use require significant expertise, costs and results in solutions which are rigid and costly to maintain and upgrade.

PharosN platform offers developers and IoT integrators new perspectives in 

  • Providing quick high level prototyping tools to design applications integrating large number of IoT
  • Making the application model and continuously improving it accordingly to requirements
  • Defining any custom system structure, performance indicators, sustainability targets and conditions
  • Quick linking of the various IoT, sensors and automated systems
  • Providing rich set of API for integrating with third party apps
  • Providing customers with dedicated secure interactive web reporting, dashboards,  analytics, monitoring, simulation and control tools
  • Demonstrating the integrated application solution to customers

If you are application developer, your solutions are owned by you and protected by your copyright. Once developed, it can be easily adapted to meet requirements by various customers. You can replicate it to different custom applications providing unique content for each of them.

It opens new effective financial revenue and business opportunities based on innovation and novel design in large number of application areas.