Make and sell your apps

Make and sell your apps

The business model for partners

The business model that we offer to our partners is simple:

  • Develop your custom application models
  • Sell it to your customers: you own it and have the copyrights!
  • Get additional revenue stream from its support and maintenance
  • Use customer references to promote your services and obtain competitive edge by using new powerful PharosN technology

Our business model

  • To provide you with high level instruments for making your application models
  • To provide the platform for running your models for your customers in cloud or at their premises
  • Continuously advance and improve the PharosN platform capacity and scalability to run very complex apps
  • Provide support to our partners and consulting in implementation of large projects

The services have similarities to the ones provided by hosting servers or web services however differ in the service content.

We receive our revenue from the number of models running. In this context we are interested in our partner success!